Corporate Governance & Compliance [TOP]

Business law is one of our premier practice areas and CNVD Law is committed to provide pragmatic and business-friendly advice in relation to various issues of the business from the company formation to company mergers and divisions. Our objective is to remove our clients’ worries about their compliance and obligations with the different government agencies so that they can concentrate on running their businesses.

We know that our clients want advisors who understand their business and appreciate their priorities, so in partnership with our clients we will address major legal risks that our clients may face in the course of their day-to-day management. Alongside our clients, we are ready to take part in the preparation, negotiation, and review of our clients’ business contracts to properly advise on their validity, scope, terms and conditions.

In recognition of the prominence of family enterprises in our economy, the firm is likewise prepared to advise family businesses on matters related to their structure, organization, and succession.

Our basic services include:
  • company formation and amendment
  • acting as company secretary
  • maintaining all necessary corporate and statutory registers on a secure database
  • preparing and filing statutory annual returns and notices with the SEC and other government agencies
  • corporate mergers and divisions
  • company liquidation and deregistration
  • legal advisory services for companies
  • comprehensive legal risk management
  • corporate governance
Litigation, Arbitration and Appeals [TOP]

At CNVD Law, we believe that the best strategy in litigation is avoidance. Hence, our lawyers partner with our clients in setting-up a pre-litigation strategy to identify potentially litigious issues and ensure that our clients are best placed to deal with them. When litigation is unavoidable, however, our lawyers are equally dedicated to defend our clients’ interests before all courts, tribunals, administrative agencies and regulatory authorities in civil, commercial, and virtually all other type of proceedings. Our goal is to pro-actively collaborate with our clients to achieve the most agreeable solution to their dispute. We also assist clients in applying for the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards within the Philippines.

Intellectual Property and Technology [TOP]

Our corporate intellectual property practice is broad-based with clients in a variety of industries including media entertainment, gaming, information technology, and consumer products. Our services cover both traditional and emerging fields that encompass patents, trademarks, copyright, e-commerce, franchising, and domain names. Armed with technical expertise and practical experience, we are committed to provide our clients the best advice to protect, exploit, use, and maximize their intellectual property rights.

Employment and Labor [TOP]

The key to the success of businesses is the proper management of their employees. On this matter, CNVD Law is more than willing to work with their clients from the initial drafting of the employment contract to the termination of the employment. To help our clients comply with the laws on labor standards, CNVD Law is also prepared to draft staff handbooks and policies, manage grievance issues, and take care of the immigration processes of foreign employees. Our goal is to prevent the litigation of labor disputes by exploiting alternative resolutions such as in-house conciliation and mediation. If need be, however, our lawyers are prepared to handle the disputes if they are filed before the labor tribunals.

On the flipside, our lawyers have an extensive experience in prosecuting the claims of labor, particularly, in the maritime industry. In recognition of the importance of the work of our sea-based OFWs to our economy, CNVD Law is dedicated to ensure that that their employment rights are protected and their benefits will be commensurate to the value of their toil.

Taxation [TOP]

To further ease our clients’ doing of business, CNVD Law is prepared to partner with our clients to investigate the advisability of commercial deals and corporate structures from the viewpoint of taxation. On this matter, the firm is ready to provide tax advice to clients on, among others property dispositions and acquisitions, the maximization of their capital allowance, and the imposition and refund of value-added tax (VAT). At CNVD Law, we understand that getting the right advice at the right time can mean thousands, if not millions, of savings in cost transactions. Hence, CNVD Law is committed to provide cost-effective advice on a litany of tax issues at the most appropriate time. We also represent clients, both individual and corporate, in all levels of resolving disputes with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and if necessary, with the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA).

Family Law [TOP]

More than anything, the breakdown of marriages and disputes involving the family are the most emotionally and psychologically taxing. With this in mind, CNVD Law advocates conciliation and settlements, not litigation and arguments. If necessary, however, the firm is prepared to pursue court proceedings to achieve the most cost-effective and prompt resolution in order to allow our clients to start the healing process.

We are ready to provide advice on the following family law issues, including:
  • Ante-nuptial agreements
  • Child custody and support
  • Adoption
  • Declaration of nullity and annulment
  • Legal Separation
  • Property regimes
  • Succession
Immigration [TOP]

Our immigration practice is two-fold; we assist foreign clients in processing visas and work permits to enter the Philippines. We also provide advice on possible investments that our clients may make through joint ventures or other entities in real properties, as well as commercial enterprises. We also provide advice to our fellow Filipinos who are seeking visas, residency and American citizenship.

Election Law [TOP]

In the area of election law, CNVD Law provides legal services from the filing of the certificate of candidacy, to the canvassing of ballots, and finally the assumption by our clients of their respective governmental position. To protect our clients from any disqualification proceedings and election protests, we provide comprehensive advice on all election aspects under pertinent laws and rules and regulations and we undertake pre-election seminars and orientation of watchers and volunteers. If necessary, however, our lawyers are more than capable to represent and protect our clients’ interests before the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), the proper electoral tribunal, or the courts.